Family portraits at your house….

The kids I can handle, heck, the adults too (although they can be troublesome), but those hounds put the fear into me. That's why the dad's holding them. These dogs are protective and watchful, so I moved slow and methodical to get the portraits done... The kids even dressed up in their hockey clothes for…
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Some favorite wedding photos…

From recent weddings in Sudbury and all over Ontario. Always up to the challenge when photographing weddings in these changing times. I lvoe shooting candids, photojournalism, classic poses and of course, creative and funky angles and poses.
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Ice fairies are here…

All new to our studio and a spin off the whole fairy portrait brand for Sudbury, Ontario. They seem to be a hit and everyone loves the new look. Icicles, snowflakes, wings and fairy dresses...we have all the props in our studio. More details on specials HERE Ice fairies
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