I reported this problem two years ago, whereas Cedar Green Golf Course took it upon themselves to create a huge flooding problem adjacent to our property and two of my neighbours.
Cedar Green Golf Course created a massive pond so they could draw water for their golf course needs.

This was created by blocking the flow of junction creek.

I reported this and was told that there was nothing I could do, since the flooding was not affecting my property. This was mentioned in a formal letter from Mr. Lenzi, Regulations Officer with Conservation Sudbury.

Some key points:
*the forest adjacent to our place in dying
*the lands they flooded does not belong to them, as pointed out below
*the flooding has consistently been coming over into our property

I always assumed that there were strict laws against hampering with creeks and rivers, let alone when done for a commercial and self-serving purpose.

This entire fiasco was created when Cedar Green installed a new culvert, at a much higher level, which slowed the flow down dramatically and started the flooding. Also, note the installation of a man made dam. They also installed a pump that draws water from the pond.

Google maps shows older original pond:

Flooding created by Cedar Green...note forest area as well, all under water permanently:

Flooding on personal property:

NOTE: Survey markings shows the flooding is not their property:




Note spring flooding....serious problems created (April 16, 2013). One example from many....

*We also have concerns regarding potential liability for all parties if there should be any harm to the public resulting from this flooding.

And  not to mention that the damage to our property  could affect its value and future marketability.