Have you ever wanted to created a work of art that exudes beauty, art and radiance? Make it hot, make it yours. Talk to us...

*Winter 2018 Radiance Boudoir SPECIAL...
only $97.00 includes 1- deluxe/enhanced 8"x10"

  • includes consultation with every session so we can come up with a plan
  • creative in-studio session with a selection of flattering, graceful and artistic poses
  • Enhanced and artistic 8"x10" deluxe portrait
  • 35 years means you can trust us
  • Reprints, art prints, albums and packages available HERE

*Make-up and hair is extra if required. We use Dana Lajeunesse who works very well for these types of sessions. Her fee of $75.00 includes hair, make-up and eye lashes.

Interested? Questions? Email us or call the studio at 705.566.0111

A consultation is highly recommended. We'll talk about different looks that best suit you. My goal is to create images that are flattering, suggestive, visually beautiful. I am very comfortable with women and I realize you may have certain reservations. Let's address them right up front.

Packages & Reprints HERE
Our studio is located at 251B Hazel St. We use only the very best in professional lighting, flattering poses and discretion is assured.

More samples on our Pinterest page

Tips for preparing for your radiant session with Rob:

  • A consultation beforehand will help us create a direction and look
  • Calm, relaxed and on time. Get a good night's sleep, take a hot bath the night before and drink enough water to hydrate
  • PLEASE DO NOT bring lotions, body makeup, spray colouring or oils to put on your body at all at the shoot, including putting them on at home before you leave (NOTE THIS DOES NOT MEAN GENERAL SKIN MOISTURIZING THAT YOU WOULD DO AFTER A SHOWER … THAT’S FINE). You will be laying all over our vintage furniture and fabrics, and the body lotions/oils will transfer onto it. I don’t want to have to send you a cleaning bill! The camera does not show slightly dry skin and if there’s anything that does, it can be adjusted in photoshop.
  • Preparing your skin for makeup, whether you have booked it in-studio or you are going elsewhere, please be sure to have a freshly moisturized face with no makeup to start. You may want to moisturize your lips for a few days leading up to the shoot. Putting Vaseline on your lips at bedtime will moisten them and give a good base for lip colour for the shoot. If you don’t wear makeup, please consider having your makeup done by a professional. Makeup completes the look and is very important.
  • Please be sure to wear very loose clothing and underwear so as not to leave excessive marking on your skin before we start shooting … just makes things look much better, particularly bra strap marks which can be nasty at times! Blue jeans are notorious for leaving bad marks on the body, so try to avoid them. Also if you normally wear a watch and/or jewellery that is tight and leaves marks, please remove it well before your session.
  • IMPORTANT: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT TAN, DO SPRAY TANS OR BURN BEFORE YOUR SESSION AS THE RESULTS CAN BE DISASTEROUS. If you DO PLAN on tanning and/or going for a spray tan, please keep in mind that tan lines can be seen on camera. Photoshopping of tan lines is an additional expense. Also some spray tans do not photograph well and can be a tad orangy. Tanning causes skin colour variations over the body because each area tans differently … I CAN’T FIX THIS!!! Photographically your natural skin tones will ALWAYS look more beautiful and even.
  • If you decide to “do-it-yourself” makeup or to use a makeup artist of your choice because mine isn’t available, here are a few pointers on what you need to tell them. You’re looking for “evening” style makeup. Be clear that this is for a boudoir photoshoot. Boudoir makeup and on camera is somewhat heavier then day make -up.  The key is your eyes … your makeup artist needs to make them come alive. Consider false lashes (inscluded when you use our make-up artist Dana). They look amazing on everyone.
  • Attire … remember this is a boudoir session. What generally works is bra and underwear sets, boy shorts with a bra, corset sets, bustiers, teddies, etc. Mix things up a bit if you like, maybe bring a white dress shirt and tie, or a suit jacket that belongs to the man in your life. Bring some jewellery, but keep it simple.
  • I will shoot up to 3 outfits (2 for darker sessions). That is all that I can fit into the timeframe. I suggest that if you have something specific that is important to be shot in, that you let me know right away.