An Ode to my Pepere….

My Pepere (or grandfather for those who never heard that term) was a cool guy....

Born in 1894, in Michigan, he moved to Canada and settled in the Thessalon area. He ran a general store and supplied meat to the lumber camps.

WW1 broke out so he enlisted with the US army, fought in the war, and moved back to Canada to marry his queen, Blanche. Together they settled in Blind River and raised 13 children. My biggest memories of my childhood is visiting their house in Blind River, going to mass, everyone gathering in their large, white, porch surrounded home overlooking the river, and enjoying the raucous fun and excitment that happens when you, and many of your aunts, uncles, and especially cousins (I had about 70 of them!) all gathered. Especially my cousin Marc, who is my age, and still my best friend and closer than a brother. We had  loads of fun and caused a fair degree of trouble. And we didn't have internet, cell phones or PlayStation....

Pepere was  a hard working man. He instilled this value, by example. I was 14 when he left us, but have memories of going for rides in his truck, looking for apple trees on the outskirts of town, and picking up the occasional hitch hiker. He was a generous man. He appreciated a good home-cooked meal and  loved to quip with comments like: "hmmm, and to think we had nothing to eat.." while we wall sat around the kitchen table for an amazing Sunday night meal.

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  1. Brian Peloso
    I was sitting no more than 2 feet away from Pepere when the Beatles played on the Ed Sullivan Show; Feb. 9 1964. Top that one!!!!! lol
    • Paulette Volk Hickman
      That is too cool, Brian. Do you remember what , if anything, Pepere had to say about The Beatles? Was Memere there watching too? Or in the kitchen?
  2. Paulette Volk Hickman
    I always heard tales of him giving groceries to poor families ,on credit, during the depression. Knowing they had no way to pay the full price. Many repaid in goods and helping hands. He was a true business man with a big heart and a helping hand to all in need. I also heard many tales of sharing meals and a bed with strangers passing through Blind River.
  3. paul jacques provencher
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