Blast from my past….when I was only 19

I started into photography when I was still a teen....nineteen to be exact. I learned the darkroom basics at Cambrian College and furthered my education at Fanshawe in London, ONT.

(Of course, I was never the academically inclined type, so never made it much past the first semester in either college.)

The image below was take as part of a photography course excursion with Fanshawe. It's the  flowerpot islands off Tobermory way back in the day.

I was very shy, very green, but very passionate about photography. I tool my camera everywhere, and the photo of the old fish hut is testament to that. While visiting my home town of Blind River Ont, I grabbed  a quick shot of this neglected hut.

Of course, everything was in black and white. Shot with a Mamiya twin lens reflex.

fishHut flowerpot

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