Burning white sun and a cool breeze…

I swear the sun is closer. I can feel it. It's bright and soaking everything in glaring whiteness. Maybe it's actually closer at this time of the year in Dawson City, NT.

Maybe it's my imagination.  I need to google it.

But the sun feels brighter up here, countered only by a pleasant cool breeze.

Dawson City is a clean,  funky, historical and laid back community. And it's way up there. There's something vibey about it. I want to come back. But I always want to come to places I like.

Dawson City is one of those places.

Robert Service, Pierre Berton and Jack London all lived or grew up here, all within a stones throw of one another. Must be something in the air.

Some pics....

There had been rain....as seen by the puddles...we arrived with the good weather:

People live across the river... I think some prefer to paddle over vs taking the ferry:

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