Commercial Photography

If you need commercial photography for your sales team, executive portraits, awards, buildings, products, services, restaurant menus, brochures, your website, social media....let's talk.


I created a four minute video for you.

  • If you have a business, are in sales, publicity or in the public's eye in any capacity, you need to create a image of you that is professional. Avoid bad lighting, cell phone shots and selfies. Ugh...
  • If you sell products and/or services, remember, you don't need to photograph the 'process' so much as the end results, the BIG benefits that your service or products brings to the end user. I explain this with some painful examples in the video above.
  • If you want to discuss ideas or need strategies, I'm very good at honing in on what the best ideas, benefits your business brings to the game. Many struggle with this because they are too close to their business.

Talk to me. or 705 566 0111

Samples for recent commercial shoots...

Headshots for business and the entertainment industry: