Do you hear that? It’s birds….

When out on the big water by Britt with my sister and her husband, (who's decided the long drive from London to Britt for weekends on the boat is way worth it), all you can hear the wind, water and birds....funny thing is, it takes a while to clear the mind from all the noises we expose ourselves to all week long.

And eventually, after a day or two, you hear it...nothing but birds...and other purely natural sounds....

Some scenes from somewhere outside of Britt.....

DSC_6532 DSC_6589 DSC_6609 DSC_6637

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  1. Hello Robert, Happy New Year! I spent New Years with part of your family.. Paul and Rolande live opposite my friend Ed Corbeil's. I want to be your Dad at 86! Rolande, my wife June and I chatted about photography and she insisted I contact you. I'm thinking about breaking out as a freelance photographer in one the of the toughest markets in SW Ontario, at a difficult time, in an industry that is diminishing yearly... am I optimistic or what? I have been managing Forest City Image Centre ( at Western U for 4 years, been selling fine-art, teaching, coaching, shooting architecture and landscape since 1986.. but have plateaued in retail and want to move on. This is the time the 'old' guys are getting out of it... most of the later boomers I know have either died or packed it in. I'm 44 and need to do something of my own! Mentoring, lecturing, shooting events is what I have in mind to pay the rent, working my network, selling fine-art prints etc. Daunting I realize, however I may just be crazy enough to pull it off. So... what are your thoughts on your slice of the biz, what works for you and what does not.. Rolande intimated that you are feeling things wind down too? This is what I do: Google my name, you will see other photo-topics come up. I'm curious what's on your mind. Best, MJ Idzerda

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