Executive Portraits

Your portrait conveys the message- success!

For publicity, business cards, letterheads, billboards, websites, newspaper ads, bus stop ads, press releases... anywhere, anytime you need to send out the right message, send the right one- SUCCESS! Call the studio today and start your success journey. Avoid this mistake. Yuchh! Grab a point and shoot and have your spouse take a quick digital file of you at home. No expression, bad lighting.

What does this type of photograph REALLY say about you as a professional?

Call us and we will create something that expresses who you are in as a professional.

We have any different backdrops to choose from. Why not add a little colour and pizzazz to your porfessional portrait? The old style, old school type portraits aren't as effective as they once were. People trust people who look genuine, down to earth and personable.

No more stuffy, 'corporate' and sterile looking poses...casual, relaxed, yet professional...

You get to keep the digital files, and use them over and over for years to come. Colour, black and white, web files, whever you need your image, you'll have a top notch, ready to go file on your arddrive.

All our digital files that leave the studio are enhanced and retouched.



"40 Ways to get Your Business Portrait to Bring in More Business."

Here's an excellent article from  a CGA Magazine

Your session includes:

  • 2 outfit changes
  • 2 backdrops
  • 2 Digital files (optimized for reprints,colour, black and white and the web)
  • Top notch enhancing & retouching
  • FAST delivery-often same day

YOUR INVESTMENT: $199.00 And you own the files!

Call the studio at 566 0111