Happy Easter…

May your Easter be treat-filled, fearless and fun as mine was growing up in a family where my mom anticipated Easter with glee, chocolate and those funky colored Easter eggs.
Remember those? Who knows what they were made of besides sugar.
What doesn't kill you makes you stronger. We all survived.
For me Easter was also a somewhat somber affair, with our parents dragging me and my four sisters to what seemed like an endless church events....long, drawn out Good Friday mass, and then Easter Sunday....
Again, we all survived....and I have all good memories.
Easter marks the end of winter for us living in Northern Ontario. There are many remnants of winter and ice is still on the lakes, all slowly melting away as the weather slowly improves.

"Spring is nature's way of saying let's party." -- Robin Williams --

This happens twice a year...fall and spring. Perfect for little girls -- and boys-- all ages.

Getting together soon? Is it the ideal time to create some timeless memories?
We have openings for family portrait sessions.
We work Sundays too, since many families, when gathered for special occasions -often wedding anniversaries- have limited time. Large multi-generation family portraits session is our specialty!
Call or email us for more information.
705.566.0111 westmount@bellnet.ca

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