High School Seniors

Who says High School Senior portraits need to be boring? Why not create stunning, once in a lifetime memories to truly capture this time in your life. You will love the results.

High fashion or musical instruments...
make a unique and personal statement.

2010 PRICING still in effect
High School Grad Senior Prices

In studio and on location available.

We create prom portraits and traditional "cap & gown" poses.

Images like you'd see in a high quality fashion magazine...guys, right off the pages of a sports mag......
why go boring!

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What is a High School Senior portrait session?
Many students in their final year of high school are opting out of having an old fashioned 'cap and gown' sessions done, in favor of something more dynamic, and, well, FUN!

Create a unique look with your personality.
Make it fun, relaxed........

A senior session is FUN! You get to bring in up to three outfits of your choosing. During the session I will take a series of images that reflect YOU. This is NOT the typical, boring ‘mug shot’ style of portrait. Not at all. I will pick backdrops, lighting and poses that truly reflect your personality and look. It is intense, editorial, and high impact.

Mostly, it’s about this TIME IN YOUR LIFE.

What about the traditional Cap & Gown portraits?
Many ask this question. And many still want one done for the parents and grandparents. We have the gown, cap and props for creating these and will throw a few in the mix for you. No worries there. Many do order them, and many once they see the other poses done in the senior portrait style, tell us they love the more relaxed and story telling images.
These become their favorites.

Sports is a very popular theme for your senior session...also, casual clothes, ripped jeans, your favorite hoodie, your prom outfit...get creative, have fun, express yourself!

Call  the studio at 566 0111.

 Our senior High School grad sessions are FUN, EXCITING and above all, CREATIVE!

Would you want your grad portraits to be any other way?

Sports, music, hobbies, fashions, put it together and let your senior year
grad portraits make a STATEMENT.

2010 PRICING still in effect
High School Grad Senior Prices