How to get the BEST results with your newborn baby session with Rob...

  • Newborn Session Allow two hours for newborn sessions. Please be patient and do  not be embarrassed. Rob expects 'messes' and has photographed so many newborns, it's all part of a days work.


You need to be relaxed and calm. Your baby can 'sense' stress and tension.

Rob is used to handling newborns. Sometimes the baby fusses a bit and may cry a little, but this is temporary.
In time they will settle in.

Earlier in the day is best. Ten days or earlier is best. Colic and baby acne doesn't typically start until after two weeks, if it starts at all.

Wear black, long sleeves. White is nice also, for some mother and baby poses.

It's going to be very warm, so wear layers. You'll want to cool down and remove some layers to cool down.

Both parents in attendance is best, to at least capture a few poses as a family. These shots are more artistic and moody.

If there is an older sibling or two that you would like in a few shots, that's fine.

Perhaps consider bringing a grandparent along to leave within the first hour with the older child once they are done. If not, bring some toys, snacks and such for the older sibling to entertain themselves with.