How to photograph dogs who hate, I mean HATE having their picture taken…

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How to photograph dogs who hate, I mean HATE having their picture taken...
I always welcome dogs in all family portrait sessions. People ask all the time.."Should we bring the dog?"
Well yes....pets are people too! 🙂
They are important in the lives of our children. They are valued by us.
Why not include them.
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When photographing families with dogs I always ask everyone to ignore the dog. I use the same strategy when photographing a rowdy two year old.
I ignore them. Reverse psychology.
They want to be a part of the gang. Unless you want them to and you get all weird about it.
If a dog could think, and you were all weird, as in making a big deal about having the family photo done (look at the camera! say cheeseeeee! say hi to the man, sit rover, sit!....on an on...) and such, here's what they'd likely be saying (and a two year old would say the same thing....sorta....same idea.....):
"Why is mom acting weird? Why is everyone looking at me? Why does everyone want me to sit? Don't they know I failed obedience school miserably? Even though they gave me a certificate. I don't want to sit!!! Squirrell! Over there!!! I saw a squirrel!!! Seriously!!! Wait, everyone's looking at me!
This man is a vet! he's gonna poke a needle in me! Get me out of HERE!!!!
You get the point.
The key is to ignore them. When I pose the family, nine out of ten times or more they just come on over and sit beside their favorite person.
It's like magic.
And it works with two year olds. Two year olds are like dogs. Same thing.
When you have  a dog that's super active, bring a ball. They love chasing balls. And I get some cool shots of the dog in his natural state....running after something.
Often I need to make duck or bird sounds. Or, I act crazy if the dog and kid is stubborn.
Whatever I need to do to get the pup's ears up its head tilted into that cute doggies pose.
Some more samples......:
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Yours in photography,
Rob and Tina

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