I never said I was normal

“Is it weird in here, or is it just me?”
~Stephen Wright~

Drove up from Barrie to pick up a new prop for the photography studio.....got a little weird outside, and cold......So, as usual, I like to have fun. And thought it would outrageously cool to get a shot on my cool new red couch, outside, in the snow,  in my undies....Hey, why not. You only live once. Not that this was on my bucket list or anything, but I can now say, I done it! Many have expressed the usual replies...that's Rob! My wife just rolls her eyes.......Rob 🙂

7 Responses

  1. Love the couch. I have been looking for something like it for quite sometime. And of course ROB I love your craziness!
  2. That's the very Rob I know!
  3. Mary Ellen
    Great shot! Isn't live in the north country wonderful...blue sky, crisp air and privacy. Great to see someone is not confined by convention.
  4. Paulette Macdonald
    My God Rob, that sofa sure looks good on you!
  5. chantal Duval
    LOL>>> Okay your awsome!!!Love it!!! very unique..So you found a Red sofa after all!! Do you still have it???
  6. You can't be serious. Too funny!!!!
  7. Karen
    I love it :)

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