In Utah..prepping for ManTracker

Well, we're here. After an all day planes, trains and automobiles, got in late last night in Price, Utah. Small town, nice people. We met with the ManTracker team, went out and filmed some bio stuff today....some images....

Mike reading with his night light...

Out behind the back roads of Price, Utah.....(Watch a video below)

ooooooh, ok, Mike thinks these are cougar paws. I, as usual, think he's over reacting..these gotta be Coyote paws..pleaasssseee be those...:)

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  1. Kay P
    You were right in my backyard! I don't know how I missed this episode of Mantracker, but I'm watching it tonight! Love the Hills Have Eyes reference. It fits a lot of places here. Especially down past Swinging Bridge in the San Rafael Swell area. There's a ton of old uranium mines and old relics. Pretty creepy, especially at night! :)
  2. Definitely not cougar. Way too small, the claws are imprinted, and the print is symmetrical.
  3. Kerry
    Cougars retract their claws when they walk, like any cat. Those are either dog or coyote.
  4. Laurie
    Excellent footage Rob. :) I LOVE Utah.
  5. Mark Knight
    Show Mantracker up!!! Good luck with this journey, it'll be an awsome experience...
  6. watch rob, you're going to get caught because you stop to take a photo of something!
    • And I can't believe you mentioned that movie! That is the creepiest/scariest I have ever watched. I'm rooting for you Rob!! Just don't be out in the open for long!

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