It’s official, we’re off to beat ManTracker

It's official, flying out Oct 20th to an unkown (we'll know two days prior)
in the US to beat and humiliate ManTracker.....woohoo!!
Let the running begin....with Team Alpha ('cuz it sounds cool):

Mike Lindroos & Rob Provencher:

Our Mantracker application video:

11 Responses

  1. Rob
    not sure, they will let us know, and I'll post it, and send the subscribers to my studio newsletter a R
  2. Dino
    Hey rob when will this episode be on tv?
  3. Susie
    I love this show and I am so looking forward to seeing this episode!
  4. Wonder if we can get cable reinstalled just for your show... :)
  5. Sue Blais
    Will be watching and rooting for you !! Mantracker can be beaten !! Good Luck!
  6. Joyce Larochelle
    Hey is Joyce from p@ms.Thats fantastic!Let us know when it will be on.My son and his friends play it in the bush behind our house.They will be stoked:)Good Luck!Need some biscotti foe the trip you know where to find them!:)
  7. Good luck
  8. Benita
    this is cool---two guys from our home town giving it a try on MANTRACKER-- what an exciting experience for the both of you ---and us watching!! let me know when team alpha will be featured on the show. nice makeup --by the way!!
  9. Leslie
    good luck and hope you guys win
  10. ron
    Way to go Rob, my family and I are huge fans of Mantracker ! Good luck, and post when it will air. Sullivans are routing for you !
    • Dale
      Go get em Guys!!!

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