A Photography Program For Serious Amateurs Looking To Ramp Up Their Skills
by Robert Provencher


Do you want to ramp up your photography skills? And learn from one of the best in the area? Learn how to quickly master your camera, shooting, composition, lighting and equipment so you can create stunning pro-level results.

  • for serious dedicated amateurs who want to ramp up their photo game
  • intense and fun, informative and practical
  • learn how to use your camera, lenses and equipment. What to use and when.
  • working with exposure, light, composition...professional and proven strategies for best results and timeless images..

Who this is best suited for:....those who love photography. You're curious. You love going out and capturing all kinds of images. You have drive and desire to bring your skills to  whole new level.

What do you need?  One camera is all you need. You should own a DLSR or similar mirrorless camera. If your camera has a manual setting, then that is all you need. Some wait and get a camera during the class, with some suggestions from me. You can do that if you like. You do not need to go out and buy a big huge expensive camera.

Why Rob Provencher? Rob's been teaching pro's and semi pros for decades. He only recently started teaching the serious amateur and the vote is unanimous....He's good at helping others grow, expand, understand the deeper layers of shooting and seeing beyond the academic.

And he loves teaching and helping others. His students have come to appreciate his teaching style when it comes to explaining complex and often confusing techniques.

He's also a successful wedding, portrait and commercial photographer. He's always loved photography. It's his life. Anytime you find Rob anywhere, chances are he's dragging a camera with him and capturing all the details and memories.

Photography is more than just working with cameras, tripods and equipment. Once you've completed this program you will have the tools and skills you need to seriously ramp up your photography. You'll see things differently. You'll see and appreciate lighting at a deeper level. Composition, art, impact and design will allow start to make more sense as you begin to develop your own vision and style.





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