Are you expecting? Would you like to create a beautiful piece of art to commemorate this special time in your life?


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 How should you prepare and what to bring for your maternity session? SOME TIPS AND IDEAS FOR YOU......

  • Have an idea of what you are looking for. We'll also talk about ideas when you show up. If you have specific or creative angles, let us know in advance. We'd love to hear them...
  • Jeans, non-maternity, are great. We'll create some images with the buckle open.
  • Frilly undies, bras and soft, feminine nighties all look great.
  • YOU decide which look is best for you. We can chat about some ideas or looks you may have....we're open to your suggestions and would love to hear from you.

Call Tina at 705 566 0111 and discuss the best time during your pregnancy for portraits. Worried about stretch marks and such? Worry no more.....we take care of that for you with lighting and enhancing techniques.....;)...

Call the studio at 705 566 0111 or EMAIL us.