Monkey poop & a frog on the toilet…

This guy is relentless. And he loves our toilet. He's always in it or more recently, on it. How rude!
Not to mention the shock when someone goes to use our guest bathroom. We always warn them. We still hear screams.
Here's the thing. Two nights ago, Tina grabbed him, using a plastic bag. And delivered him to his new home, far, far, away, across the street, into the jungle. We thought we'd never see him again. He's Who knows....Go figure. Pura Vida!

So, this happened.

About 2 weeks ago, was playing guitar on the beach, jamming some tunes. There was an entire tribe of monkeys overhead. About 11 of them.

Mom, Dads, teen monkeys and babies...They started moving on, came directly overhead, and I heard..."plop, plop..."

You guessed it, monkey poop. All over my guitar case. Nice aim! Missed me by inches. At least I didn't get it on the head. True story. Gross too.

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