More wedding photography samples….

Mucking around my computer I always bump into some images that I put aside because I like them or they had  a cool story to them.

Anyone knows me knows I have little resistance to crawling on the ground, the pavement (it's why I don't wear expensive suits at weddings) or climbing trees or fences. And that's exactly what happened when I photographed Kayla and Shawn's wedding in Timmins a while's one pose.... (you can see their full post with more wedding images from Timmins here).


Another fun image:


The groom made the guys wear hockey jerseys from the team that he was a huge of and they we're


Another wedding up in Timmins....the ladies are always on for throwing the bouquets,....



Creative lighting of the groom at the location for the ceremony....




On the docks....shooting from high. Sometimes I worry the camera, or my glasses, or something will fall and land onto the couple causing scars, bleeding, impaling and potential lawsuits....:)..I always double check...and double check my footing is secure.


The rain never slows us down....I carry umbrellas with me, in case, and often hope for at least a light drizzle....(some say it's a good omen to have it rain on your wedding day) so I can put 'em to use....0225


Boys and their toys....looking baddass....


The the sun. This is considered to be bad light, but I like to create great images from lighting that sucks. This image, we were simply walking to another location...I always keep an eye out for photo opps....

0407 (3)

And then of course there's the rings and all the other big and small details that goes into each and every wedding.... I do my best to keep an eye out and take creative photos of all the details.

To me, every detail has a story, and an emotional connection tied to it.

When combined with the entire mix of wedding photos, whether in an album or a creative slide show set to music, it adds a whole new dimension to the experience and to the memories.....Rob

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