My number one tip for great photos…

Friends in photography,

Last fall I hiked out to the old abandoned Burwash prison farm with my daughter. That place has been abandoned for over 40 years. Old, dangerous, decrepit....

My kind of place. That images in this post are a small sampling from the hundreds of images I captured.

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Like most times, I brought my camera. Not my big professional rig. But my Sony RX10 "point and shoot".

I say "point and shoot" because it's more like a point and shoot on steroids.

Not only is it an amazing camera, but it's small, light and very powerful.

I take that camera with me just about everywhere. Walks, hikes, adventures of all sorts.

When I'm shooting a creative client session I bring the real deal, the "big" camera.

But because I love photography, I still want to practice, shoot, create... even on my downtime.

And that my friend, is the NUMBER ONE tip if you went to get good at taking great photos.

Bring your camera with you. Don't leave it in the camera bag in the closet.

It's one reason why I think everyone should invest in a decent point and shoot.
Size matters.

If you own a huge camera, accessories, camera bag, you might be reluctant to take it. It's intimidating.

Hence, a point and shoot. You get to shoot, practice.

By the way, bringing you IPhone or Android is NOT the same!

It lacks intention. It makes one lazy.

So, get a real camera. A point and shoot will do. And bring it with you. Always.
Yours in the magic of photography,
Robert & Tina Provencher

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