Old School Vs New School Workshop

A one day workshop for those wanting to ramp up their photography skills from one of Sudbury's most dynamic father/daughter teams

The only requirement is a serious passion and love of photography.

10:00AM - 5:00PM
Westmount Photography
Sunday, January 5th 2020

(Lunch not included - bring your own!)

Robert Provencher - Old School: K boomer... show us what you got from your 40 years experience as a photographer.
Danielle Provencher - New School: You too millennial, bring it on! What are your best, newest, refreshing and exciting photography strategies for a new generation?

What to expect in this one day father/daughter photography workshop?

This program is ideal for anyone who is interested in learning and expanding their photography skills, no matter your expertise level.

All are welcome.

Do you:

  • want to seriously up level your photography skills and find the spark to pick up your camera and create images that speak to you?
  • Want to learn from two serious professionals who are fun and love to teach?
  • Love creating portraits but struggle to make an active income?
  • Want to up level the quality of your image through composition, lighting and posing from two experts?
  • Want to begin to learn how to or are ready to create world-class images, all the while possibly generating more income?

Here’s what you’ll learn: 

Rob’s outline:

  • All about lighting. Lighting is the most important aspect of good photography. Lighting is everything at once, simple, yet infinitely complex. Rob will explain lighting like you’ve never heard it explained before. This will create a solid foundation and once grasped you’ll never forget it nor will you see world the same way.
  • Composition strategies that will help boots your images and increase that "wow" factor
  • Portraits of  people using natural light- see the light and use it for maximum effect and dynamic results
  • Exposure and camera basics- of course
  • Examples from real life, real world photoshoots.
  • My goal is to set the foundation for your ability to see, really see, and create stunning images that will reflect your unique vision

Danielle’s outline:

  • Travel photography techniques (how to build an instant connection with strangers on the street, finding beauty in details and being brave while travelling to fuel some incredible award-winning shots that will surely get instant likes/recognition!)
  • Everything you need to know about building your photography from a hobby into a side business to earn your value and make extra cash!
  • How to create killer portraits by building an awesome connection with your model
  • How to intuitively use composition to tell amazing stories with your images 
  • iPhone photography/How to take amazing Instagram photos with your cellphone using stunning natural lighting 
  • Posing is everything: how to create incredible posed portraits that look natural, relaxed and connected

Rob has been a full time photographer since the age of 19. He still, at 61 yrs old, runs a full time photography studio. He bought his first camera when he was 15 years old and has mastered the ins and outs of photography. More on Rob here.

Danielle was born and raised into photography. At five years of age her dad gave her a camera and said: “Go outside, shoot whatever you want.” The theory that children are naturally and  intuitively visual, and know how to create images from the heart, was proven to be true. Danielle will show you how to “see” your images before they are created.
More on Danielle here

Who is this course for?

  • Creative people who want to grow their creativity even more through photography
  • Photography/art enthusiasts who want to get only the best 1-day course on everything-you-need-to-know from the get-go
  • Amateur and professional photographers who want to up-level their thinking behind the camera that will improve your composition, lighting, dynamics with models (you will improve in many aspects!)
  • Students who want to up-level their portfolios
  • Freelance photographers who want to begin making more money through improved confidence and higher-quality images


When is the Old School VS New School workshop running?
January 5th, 10-5PM

Where is it?
Westmount Photography 251 Hazel St Sudbury ONTARIO

Why should I do it or buy this course for someone else?
Why not?

How much does it cost?
Only $97.00 + $12.61 HST= 109.61

Sign up today!
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P.S. This is created for you to absorb as much knowledge as we can tell you in one day and have some amazing one-on-one experiences to help motivate you and up-level your skills. Remember, there is never a wrong time to invest in your creative, personal and professional growth.

We want to maximize learning and one-on-ones so there are only 12 spots in total - spots will fill up quickly so reserve today!