Some questions for you....

Be open and honest with your answers.

My goal is to create images that are flattering, suggestive, visually beautiful. I am very comfortable with women (having grown up with four sisters helped) and I realize you may have certain reservations.

Let's address them right up front.

NOTE: This is very personal. I understand and respect that and none of this information will ever be shared or discussed other than with you.

Tell me.....

  • What parts of my body am I most proud of or you like best about yourself?
  • Any areas of concern? Butt, hips, boobs, belly, chin etc etc...anything you would like downplayed?
  • Is there  a "look", an image of how I see my ideal self? Are there images you saw on pinterest or similar that you love? If so, show them to me.
  • Are you nervous about being photographed?
  • If yes, is it about showing your body? Or, about being in front of a person with a camera? That person being a male...I address this in the video below.
  • Do you have tattoos? If so, I assume it's ok to show them...otherwise, let me know.
  • Are you comfortable with full nudity, partial nudity, suggested nudity....assuming any pose will be created with elegance and style.

My goal is to use the best poses, lighting and angles to create a look that suits you and the objectives at hand.

I don't really like the use of props and such, but if you have certain items let me know (high heel shoes, bustier, hat...etc). I like simple, clean, pure and classic.

Here's a quick video explaining some more of what I'm after:

Some tips: (borrowed from my friend Judy Cormier)

*Preparing your skin for makeup, whether you have booked it in-studio or you are going elsewhere, please be sure to have a freshly moisturized face with no makeup to start. Also, you may want to moisturize your lips for a few days leading up to the shoot.  Putting Vaseline on your lips at bedtime will moisten them and give a good base for lip colour for the shoot.  If you don’t wear makeup, please consider having your makeup done by a professional. Makeup completes the look and is very important.

*Please be sure to wear very loose clothing and underwear so as not to leave excessive marking on your skin before we start shooting … just makes things look much better, particularly bra strap marks which can be nasty at times! Blue jeans are notorious for leaving bad marks on the body, so try to avoid them.  Also if you normally wear a watch and/or jewellery that is tight and leaves marks, please remove it well before your session.

*IMPORTANT: I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT YOU DO NOT TAN, DO SPRAY TANS OR BURN BEFORE YOUR SESSION AS THE RESULTS CAN BE DISASTEROUS.  If you DO PLAN on tanning and/or going for a spray tan, please keep in mind that tan lines can be seen on camera.  Photoshopping of tan lines is an additional expense.  Also some spray tans do not photograph well and can be a tad orangy.  Tanning causes skin colour variations over the body because each area tans differently … I CAN’T FIX THIS!!!  Photographically your natural skin tones will ALWAYS look more beautiful and even.

*You might consider getting a manicure and pedicure, as your feet and hands will definitely be in the photos, however, I would shy away from very dark nail polishes, such as black, navy blue, etc.  They tend to make your nails look like black spots in the photos.  Something nice and neutral like a french manicure or a sexy red/pink looks the best. Remember, if you’re nail polish is chipped, that’s going to cost a ton of extra money in retouching fees to fix, so it’s way better to start with something that looks good!!

*Do drink a lot of water the week of your shoot. Don’t get wasted the night before.  Water is your friend. It will help you drop that last little bit of water weight. It will keep your skin, eyes and lips moist. It will give you energy! Try to drink those 8 glasses of water a day for the week before your session.  Yes, we can do a lot with makeup and Photoshop. But hangovers are hard to erase from under your eyes and zap your energy for your session. Just say no the night before.