STC’s “Hockey Dreams”, what it means to be Canadian

My mom can scream louder than your mom. But only when the hockey game is on teevee....

Always an honour to help out our local professional theatre and deliver images of their productions. It's kinda cool to go in and have the entire theatre almost to myself -there's always a few other employees and techheads milling about or watching the play- as I photograph the dress rehearsal.

This play is about hockey. Something most of us older folks can relate to. And younger ones too.

I had many memories growing up, of my mom, the worlds' greatest habs fans, and all those hockey night in Canada games blaring all over the house. Often drowned out whenever Montreal scored. No one could scream like her, tearing down the roof!

We, me, all my friends, all of us grew up playing hockey. This play touches on some deep memories and will entertain fans and all Canadians alike.

Hockey Dreams....a local STC production...a few "sneak peeks" from yesterday's photo shoot and dress rehearsal....

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