Sudbury’s own Silver Birch String Quartet

Sudbury's own Silver Birches String Quartet

I shoot them about every year and they just came in for an update....

The X has a double meaning. That is the actual X used for the local TedX event where they presented a few months ago. And the fact that they are ten years old...yeahh! A musical success story...


We chatted about Ted X. I asked how come I never heard of it. (It's one of my secret wishes to speak at one of those. So cool to know they now have them locally...)


We also chatted about an amazing movie I saw a few months ago, A Late Quartet. So cool to chat with musicians of their caliber about a movie that represents   many parallels that they experience including mid rehearsal fist fists and all.... Of course, asked if they can tell which actor can "fake play"...:):)


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