Sunrise2:52 AM Sunset2:52 AM

We made it! The land of the midnight sun. The forecast includes the sunrise/ sunset: Sunrise2:52 AM Sunset2:52 AM
This is a far north as you can go. Up the Alaska highway, then the Dempster Highway to Inuvik. And the final leg is a run up the new road to Tuktoyuyuk.

The artic ocean was mostly still frozen. The landscape barren. The people warm and friendly.

Some pics and a slide show:

Two young ladies who made us chicken fingers and fries let us eat in the staff room at Stantons. We didn't find any restaurants per say...dining in style: (the food was delicious!)

The graveyard in Tuk....

The road....most of which was barren, little trees and all tundra:

Me in the Artic ocean....

A quick video from the car:

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