The gang’s all here….time for a family portrait

The gang's all here....

It takes planning and some chaos to organize a family portrait session months in advance, like the Wallace's did, where everyone got together....grandparents, adult children and spouses and grand kids....hoping for good weather, since these are rare opportunities when the gang's all here.

On this day, on lake Nippising in North Bay it was super, super windy. Too windy to photograph on the beach, where everyone wanted.  Compromise is part of the strategy when you don't want a face full of hair in your portraits.

On the other side of the family cottage I shot a whole series of fun and light hearted poses of everyone....enjoy...Rob



DSC_3600 DSC_3617 DSC_3757 DSC_3881 DSC_3904 DSC_3909 DSC_3932 DSC_4024

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  1. benita
    wonderful shots----captivating the feeling of 'family'

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