There are only a few times to photograph flowers…

When I was in college for about two days taking photography we had a
photography themed based project due every Friday.

And there were two rules. Break either, instant fail.

Rule one: NO flowers
Rule two: NO sunsets

The reason? It's way too cliche...and too easy to create images
that we think have impact, with little creativity.

That always stuck in my mind, even though that was way, way back
in 1978, Fanshawe College, London, ONT

By the way I lied. I lasted almost one semester, not two days. Yes, I am a college drop out.

Two times....(first one in '77 Cambrian College where I discovered photography so it
doesn't count)

They way I see it, photographing flowers are okay. Especially when I get paid for it.:)

Weddings, outdoor family sessions and of course, fairy portraits. Fairies love flowers.

On that note, our fairy day is less than two weeks. And the schedule is filling up fast~!

One more thing...I added another Love Of Photography video in the blog if you want to watch it....more to come....enjoy.

Yours, in love and photography,

Rob, Tina and Danielle Provencher

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