Travel pics…blast from the past

Back in 2001 I made one of my best decisions in photography.

I switched to digital. Bought a Canon D30. $3,500.00 body only. And  a whopping 3.2 megapixel file.
d30I loved that camera!

I photographed weddings, babies, families and more.

My baptism by fire. I never looked back.

I brought that camera everywhere!

Even on vacations. Here's a few images from 2001 when we went to Jamaica.

NOTE: I bought an adapter that allowed me to put my Nikon lens on this camera.

Here's a few samples...and one two day old newborn baby pose I also shot, and blew up to 30 inches using this amazing little camera....

art4fullres IMG_3378 IMG_3460 IMG_3484 IMG_3602b



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