What about your wedding reception hall lighting…

I stumbled upon this website that rents lights for wedding receptions. Yes, they're from Chicago, but what a great service! Anyone having a wedding in Sudbury can use some of these ideas and tips for decorating their wedding reception venue.

Watch their short video HERE

As a photographer, I can attest to the visual and mood that is created when proper lighting is used. It shows in camera too (unless the photographer has no idea what they're doing and can't seem to balance their exposures to capture the true look and feel of a reception hall...)

Check out their site. See the images that clients posted.Inspiring....


If you're looking for lights for your wedding reception in Sudbury, contact the folks over at Unforgettable Weddings I've worked with Shawn and Amanda and they are the hardest working vendors in the wedding industry around Sudbury...

This shot (above) is from the newer Sudbury Steelworkers Hall. I loved the way the bride and her father were silhouetted against the drapery and lights that Shawn and Amanda created for the couple.

Above: One of Sudbury's oldest and largest reception hall, The Caruso Club

One from a winter wedding...blue lights were used effectively...


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