What does your exec portrait say about you? 4 Big Mistakes to Avoid….

Years ago I recognized the value of including my bio pic with everything I sent out..resumes. biz cards etc etc.

Here are some of the BIG mistakes I see folks do when creating a portrait to use for their business:

MISTAKE #1- Have a friend, spouse or equally unqualified person (this includes a Costco Passport photo!) create your picture

MISTAKE #2- Get cheap. Base the image on how much it's going to cost (see number one)

MISTAKE #3- No or little planning. I see it ALL THE TIME. Last minute "I need this done yesterday!!" Listen. This is BAD planning. Nothing more than procrastination. Plan for success.

MISTAKE #4- Use a photo from 15 years ago. Serious? Need I explain?

This is not a time to cut back, cheap out or be shy.  I hear nonsense like "I hate having my picture taken...." So what. Grow up? You're a professional. Show the world your best side.

Not a snap shot. Not  a cheapo dept store passport photo. C'mon....be proud.

No excuses. Your picture TRANSMITS
so much about who you are.

Some examples from recent sessions this year...both in studio and on location....

DSC_9336 DSC_8750 DSC_6540BWweb DSC_5396BWWEB DSC_1168 DSC_1160 DSC_9050gervais DSC_3969 dhactions 1391cd8


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