What is the best camera?

I get asked all the time...."Rob, what's the best camera to buy?"

My first reaction question is: "How much do you want to spend?"

Some people love photography so much they spend all the grocery money and mortgage payment.

Not wanting to increase the homeless, starve the kids, I try and do my part.
Make sure they're being realistic.

But mostly, I try to dispel one BIG myth....: many folks equate quality cameras with quality  photography.

It's like telling a really good chef..."You must have really good cookware. Your food is so delicious!"

I also ask: "What are you going to be shooting?"

Some folks want a good travel camera. Some for sporting events of their kids. Others just want a general purpose camera.

My short answer, if you want it, is two fold:

1- If your tight on budget, pick a basic point and shoot that has a manual setting. (this feature will help you in the long run)
2- If you have a little more dough, and don't mind your kids going hungry, invest
in a mirrorless system that has the ability to change lenses. A basic model will do fine.

Work up from there.

I like and use the Sony line of mirrorless. We have in our household
three basic models....

1-The Sony A6000 (Danielle's....you can tell by the duct tape.)

2-The Sony RX 10  ....my point and shoot on steroids....pricey-ish...but really, really nice.

3-And the Sony A7R with Zeiss lenses...big bucks studio camera.

The bigger DSLR's are of course very popular too. Big and bulky, and in my personal and sometimes
accurate opinion, to be obsolete. IN time. Not yet, but in time.

Just my 2cts....

Yours, in love and photography,

Rob, Tina and Danielle Provencher

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