What should you never wear during a family shoot?

People tend to overthink things.

I know I do.

And I see it when I work with clients who are planning a photo session with their family.

Sometimes they show up wearing outfits that are the exact opposite of what we chatted out....I wonder, to myself....:

"What part of don't wear loud, bold patterns....you'll stand out, did they not understand?"

Example....one lady was wearing houndstooth. You know, that funky criss-crossy pattern in two colours.

Except hers was large. As in HUGE houndstooth. REALLY, REALLY big houndstooth. Scary.
Yet cool, in a high fashion sorta way.

Nothing wrong with houndstooth mind you. I dig that look.

But over sized, black on white, well, in a family portrait? Not....
Tends to look a little much. Don't you agree?

When I called her on it, gently....She rationalized her choice:
"Well, there's white, and there's black. Both are solid colours. (as she pointed out the colours) The rest of the family is in black. I thought it would look nice."

Nice...? Yes, if you want ALL the attention to go to you.

The key, as always, is harmony. Don't overthink it.

I  show examples on our clothing tips page HERE.

Of course on fairy day, the outfits and clothing is not an issue, since we have ALL
the dresses, wings, headpieces and more....

On that matter, the next Fairy Day is but a few weeks away....Saturday, May 13th... Check it out.

Yours, in love and photography,

Rob, Tina and Danielle Provencher


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