Why are some images better than others?

Have you ever wondered why some photographs you like more than others?

I think I have it figured out.

First off, in the world of art and professionalism, the operative word is "impact".

We photographers talk about this more than anything else.

It's the first reaction, from the heart and soul. It moves you.

If you have to think about it, really, there's little or no impact.

Impact hits you hard. It makes your eyes sparkle. And you imagination light up.
It's instantaneous.

The other images that are better than others are the ones that may lack technical impact, but, they have a personal story.

They impact us in a different way. Much, much deeper....

For each and every one of us this is unique. We value these images
way more than any others in our lives.

They represent our big life events, our families, the million and one happy times.

For others, they are boring. Not so for us. The meaning goes too deep into our hearts and souls.

Weddings photos, baby photos, family portraits....you get the picture.

Yours in love and photography,

Rob, Tina and Danielle Provencher


P.S. Fairy portraits combined the best of both worlds....impact, and personal history. Many
clients tell us the fairy portraits of their kids stand the test of time.
They look great on their walls, always blow away friends and relatives, and are a constant
reminder of magical times of their children's younger days.

May 13th is our next Fairy Day

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