You meet some of the coolest people with the coolest stories…

We were driving on the highway 9, top of the world highway, heading back to catch the ferry over the Yukon River into Dawson City and saw this scene ahead of us:

Wow....looks like some happy dogs. As we drove along, getting closer to the river, we caught a glimpse of Dawson City from up on high.

And we pulled into the line up waiting for the ferry, which goes back and forth non-stop, I had a chat with the lady owner of the dogs, Sandra. We had a pleasant, yet short chat. Here's what I know....she's a past chiropractor that ran five offices in five locations in Alaska. (yes, she's american, originally from Illinois, now holding dual citizenship). She's also an alternative healer...something I wanted to learn more about...but alas.....time was rationed.

Her man, Earl, was driving and I never had a chance to chat with him. He was/is a mechanic and log home builder. Over 400 acres of prime wilderness, just up the road, found them years ago. Now they live there full time, log home built, garden growing, trap line worked and dogs running freely playing and scaring grizzlies and wolves away when needed.

These dogs were very cool. I can sense a well balanced, easy going, yet intense when needed dog. These guys were all from the same doggie fam jam of malamute, wolf and husky. And really nice dogs. I wanted to take them home with me....

I could tell she was a happy, beautiful soul. We started to get into some deep and philosophical perusing about the current state of affairs in the world and whether or not civilization in on the downward slide or not. She says it's not. I see signs to the opposite.

We started into these somewhat opposing views then we had to catch a ferry.

You meet some of the coolest people. And have some of the coolest chats. It's my favorite thing about traveling. Especially up in remote places like Dawson City.


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