Your family is your life. Why not give them a priceless gift?My sessions are relaxed and easy going. My style often depends on what the nature of your session is all about. Young families may be more relaxed than multi-generation portraits...

We have used Westmount for so many of our photographs and wouldn’t go anywhere else! He’s done weddings, babies first years, family shots and child portraits for us. Rob’s work is amazing and I know I will always get beautiful pictures when we go to Westmount. Rob and Tina are the best at what they do, and I recommend them to everyone I know!
~Katie Palterman~

Pets are family too and are always welcome...

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New.....on location documentary style family photo sessions....
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We are saying to our children: "We love you and value you,
and you are important in our home."


"My promise to you: Love your family portraits. They must meet or exceed your expectations, or you don't pay" ~Robert Provencher~

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Classic or something fun and unique, talk to us about your vision or let's create one. We're all about bringing you something that speaks to your heart and makes a statement about your family, be it in studio, in the park or downtown grunge...

 "Good evening, You certainly are making it difficult for me to choose
some pics of Delaynie. This is phenomenal. I can't believe how excited I am everytime I watch what you put together for us. It's wonderful. I get shivers whenI view the Cd you made. Absolutely breathtaking. I must tell you, I'm very meticulous, and structured individual. Very rarely do I get surprised.

But to my amazement, I'm thrilled to say, that your work has brought that unique smile and feeling back to me. I actually thought it left me, and had only surfaced in me as a young child. You know when you are counting down the days for Christmas, or that summer vacation? That feeling.

Well Rob and Tina, you have left me speechless. We love
each and every photograph. Although you say this is only a rough draft and some areas need to be touched up,. NO way!! they are amazing as is...(Rob, are you a perfectionist by chance?) I simply can't wait for the finale.

For those I show off your work to, they are completely
amazed as I make them sit and enjoy the show you have put forth of our Delaynie.
The music you have chosen as well makes it so worth the watch. You have made such a wonderful keepsake not only for us, our family, and our daughter. I am so proud I cannot wait for my clients to enter into my office and see this
art form you have created. I will be your biggest advocate (although the work speaks for itself... you don't need me...haha...) Thank you for making this such an enchanted experience. You both are a pleasure to work with.
Don and I cannot thank you enough...Jennifer Bissonette."


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