Snapshots and scenes from Tamarindo, Costa Rica…

Pura Vida! Means pure's what they say down here. Tina and I are here for hopefully three months.

We're working away, booking families, pitching our service at the local Thursday night market and weddings. (we just photographed Dana and Zak's wedding last Sunday in the Tamarindo Catamaran the "Marlin Del Rey" was beyond amazing. More to come on that!)

Meanwhile, some local snaps. (I am always bringing at least a small point and shoot camera with me everywhere I go. These are shot with an older "point and shoot on steroids", the infamous Canon G12...):

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  1. The rumours are true. Almost 3 days of near -30 with a windchill of -40C. Enjoy the hot season down there and come back to smell the crisp clean cool air up north. Take more candid photos and please post! Cheers.

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