What’s a popup wedding?

Last summer Alex and Emily were in for our In Living Colour photo shoot with their little girl.
Alex tells me later that Emilie told him when they get married: "Rob is shooting our wedding..."

I love it when I hear orders like that. I must have impressed her. Alex messaged me a while later and asks: "Rob, do you do pop-up weddings?"

Me: "What's a pop-up wedding?"

Later that day I mentioned this to Tina, the queenbee and studioboss. Tina tells me, slightly annoyed: "I showed you an article about pop-up weddings two weeks ago!"

Oh. Okay. Must be my selective hearing kicking in.

One thing leads to another and after doing some super snooping, sleuthing and un official research, all things came together in a perfect storm. And Tina can now add "Wedding Officiant" to her resume.

Yup, we're offering a new service called Pink Door Weddings...
Click the logo and check out our new site.

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