Turning 60….

I turn 60 today.

Now that's a big number. I've had no problem with every major milestone in my life, but this one is huge.

My friend Robin Spencer sez to me:
"Happy birthday Rob. I always think of you as a guy living with no regrets."

Thanks Robin.

I thought that a positive and interesting insight.

Truth be told, I can easily outnumber the average person when it comes to things I might start regretting. Read more on that in my bio.

But I refuse to. Why?

Regret is like poison. It only leads down negative and destructive mindsets, thoughts and actions.

But deal with them we must. How?

Easy....talk about them. Write about them. Deal with them face on.

This is the core practice of the 12 step meeting, church confessional, mastermind meetings, Freudian psychoanalysis, a great chat with a friend and on and on.

You get the point.

It's not easy. Most families like to keep their secrets neatly tucked away in the furthest and darkest closet. And act like as if nothing is the matter. Like as if that's a solution and let's pretend all is ok.

I suppose there's nothing much really wrong with this, assuming you aren't letting the dysfunction and neurosis dominate your everyday actions.

Let's be honest.....this game doesn't really work, does it.

My solution was a long time ago to fess up, go rogue, work hard on myself.

No regrets. In spite of many reasons for regret. No matter what the total count is, the main difference is on how we decide to view them.

The choice is ours.

An infographic I made up for fun....

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