You meet some cool people while in Tamarindo…

We were taking some pics at The Dragon Fly Restaurant and ran into some people from Montreal. (That's it above. Funky, cool, off-the-beaten-path and really, really good food and ambiance. Especially when Tony and Roy are playing)

"Oui, d'autres canucks." I thought.

Well, not really. My french isn't that good. (thanks google translate)

This couple have been on their bikes (as in pedal bikes) starting in Portland Oregon since last in Tamarindo, Costa Rica
....heading to Panama, then who knows where....

Yea! I'm impressed.  I love these guys and their spirit of adventure.
(If you haven't grasped this yet, get a map, look where Portland is, then imagine your route down to Costa Rica....then it'll make sense.)

To be honest, I did think: "I wonder if their butts are sore?"

Hey, that's a legit question!

Coincidentally, his cousin Francis, also from Montreal, were also here with his wife and two babies...Small world.

Cool travel people. Cool restaurant...


ABOVE: That's the couple with the sore butts on the left, Francis and his oldest boy on the had to leave with their four month old baby girl. You know how babies can get....:)DSC06475


That's Tony and Roy above...and a short video from our visit there the week wonder all the girls dig these guys.....:


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